We are a movement of Jews and Christians that supports the Jewish people’s rights to sovereignty over Mt Zion — the Temple Mount. We appeal to the ruling bodies of Israel to exercise their full, legal sovereignty, guaranteeing Jewish rights on their most holy place — the Temple Mount.


To: Prime Minister of Israel, Supreme Court, and Mayor of Jerusalem




The Temple Mount is the holiest place on earth to the Jewish people. As of 1967, the State of Israel holds full, legal rights to the Mount, but handed over administration to the Muslim religious Waqf. The Waqf now attempts to monopolize the site.

Today on the Temple Mount, non-Muslims are discriminated against and are not even allowed to move their lips in silent prayer. They are routinely harassed and abused—forbidden from bringing a Bible or prayer book, and even their access is severely restricted. At the Western Wall, which is under Jewish sovereignty, everyone can respectfully pray.

The Israeli Supreme Court has ruled that Jews must be allowed to pray there. Yet, the Police have a legal loophole to discriminate as they wish. Israel has an obligation to uphold international human rights on the Mount, including freedom of worship (UDHR). The decision now rests in the hands of the Government of Israel, the people of Israel, and your support!


Jordanian ‘Secret Police’ kick Christian Woman off the Temple Mt

Rabbi Glick’s Documentary “A Jerusalem Hug from Heaven”

A crucial documentary. A must watch.

Why does he lie?

Why does he lie?

Cry For Zion Event Press Release

Cry For Zion Event Press Release

Interview with Israeli expert in Jerusalem

Special Interview with Yisrael Medad

Yisrael Medad currently is responsible for Educational Programming and Information resources at the Menachem Begin Heritage Center. After serving as Director of Israel’s Media Watch 1995-2000, he is now a member of its Executive Board. Yisrael Medad has served as a Parliamentary and Legislative Aide to Members of Knesset; Senior Assistant to the Deputy Minister for Science; and Editor, Counterpoint during 1981-1994. He is an Op-Ed contributor to the Jerusalem Post, LA Times, International Herald Tribune, Sh’ma, Outpost, Israel Scene and other periodicals, and is Founding Editor of the Yesha Report. Yisrael Medad has been active in promoting Jewish rights on the Temple Mount through the El Har HaShem (To the Mount of the Lord) Society.

Did Jews abandon the Temple Mt?

Did Jews abandon the Temple Mt?

Was the Temple Really on the Temple Mt?

Was the Temple Really on the Temple Mt?

Interview with Christian Zionist Leader

On this special program we have Jan Willem van der Hoeven giving his timely views and insights on the Temple Mount as a Christian Zionist and founder of The International Christian Embassy Jerusalem (ICEJ) in 1981 where he worked for nearly two decades as spokesman – the Embassy’s voice to and on behalf of the people of Israel. Today he is director of The International Christian Zionist Center (ICZC). Jan Willem is a recipient of the prestigious Louis Brandeis Award from the Zionist Organization of America (ZOA). The International Forum for a United Jerusalem has honored Jan Willem van der Hoeven, by the hands of the prime minister of Israel, Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu (then during his first term in office), with the Guardian of Jerusalem Award for his ceaseless efforts for a united and undivided Jerusalem. Recipients of the Guardian of Jerusalem Award include the Chief Rabbi of Israel, Mr. Meir Lau, the former mayor of Jerusalem, Mr. Teddy Kollek and United States Senator Patrick Moynihan.

Jan Willem brings a truly dinamic and interesting perspective on the Temple Mount and what Christian Zionist should do today concerning God’s Holy Mountain.

CRY FOR ZION is a movement of Jews and Christians that supports the Jewish people’s rights to sovereignty over Mt Zion—the Temple Mount. We appeal to the ruling bodies of Israel to exercise their full, legal sovereignty, guaranteeing Jewish rights on their most holy place.

Program: Christians & the Temple Mt

Lars Enarson is the co-founder of the Cry for Zion movement. He resides in Israel, where he produces a weekly television show called On the Walls of Jerusalem which aired over several TV satellite networks around the world in both English and Swedish. He is the author of several books. His latest book The Joy of the Whole Earth: Jerusalem and the Future of the World released during 2015.

Jesus Loved the Temple Mt

Jesus Loved the Temple Mt

What about the temple of antichrist?

What about the temple of antichrist?

Human rights rabbi shot

Human rights rabbi shot

On 29 October, 2014 a Muslim terrorist shot Rabbi Yehuda Glick four times in the the body for advocating for Jewish rights and tolerance on the Temple Mount. Rabbi Glick miraculously survived the assassination attempt.

Rabbi Glick, head of the Temple Mount Heritage Foundation, is a human rights activist and “has worked tirelessly in recent years to restore the right of Jews to worship on Jerusalem’s Temple Mount in preparation for the arrival of the messiah and the building of a third Holy Temple” (Times of Israel).

He was giving a speech at the Menachem Begin Center, Jerusalem, entitled “Israel returns to the Temple Mount.” After the event, a man with an Arabic accent wearing a motorcycle helmet approached Rabbi Glick and asked him for his identity. The man then shot him four times, got on a motorcycle and fled.

Since his miraculous recovery, Rabbi Glick has appeared on BBC Hard Talk and other major news outlets as one of the foremost advocates for human rights on the Temple Mount.

(Image: Gil Cohen Magen/AFP/Getty Images)


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A Nation that Cries and Fasts for their Land and Temple

The following story is told of the great French leader, Napoleon Bonaparte. He once was traveling through a small Jewish town in Europe. He entered a synagogue. There he saw an incredible sight. Men and women weeping. They were sitting

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Recommended books to understand the issues and background surrounding the Temple Mount. (Note that Cry For Zion does not officially endorse all the opinions of the individual authors.)


For Christians, we recommend The Joy of the Whole Earth: Jerusalem and the Future of the World. This highly current and significant book is a must for Christians to understand the importance and holiness of Jerusalem and the Temple Mount. It challenges conventional paradigms, and shifts the focal point of Christian thinking for anyone willing to be confronted by the message of the Bible.


For anyone interested in what the archeology of the Temple Mount actually has to say, The Quest by Leen Ritmeyer is the place to start. As an archeological architect working on the Temple Mount for the past 30 years, Ritmeyer has filled over 400 pages with rich illustrations of the Temple Mount’s archeology as well as the history of that archeology. A go-to book for real facts.


Ambassador Dore Gold is an Israeli diplomat and has served as advisor to two Israeli Prime Ministers. His book The Fight for Jerusalem gives an excellent overview of the Jewish, Christian, and Muslim history in Jerusalem. Furthermore, the book gives the hard facts on modern diplomacy regarding Jerusalem, peace negotiations, and particularly Jerusalem’s holy sites.

Book4A core part of the conflict over the Temple Mount is sovereignty. The repeatedly failed “two-state solution” proposes to divide Jerusalem and give historic Jerusalem—including the Temple Mount—to an exclusively Muslim, Palestinian state. Managing Editor of the Jerusalem Post, Caroline Glick, has written perhaps the most thorough and definitive debunking of the two-state policy, as well as practically outlining the only realistic alternative in The Israeli Solution: A One State Plan for Peace in the Middle East.
Book5Much has been written regarding media bias in the Arab-Israeli conflict (a conflict in which the Temple Mount is central). Yet, no one has done so quite as thoroughly as journalism major Shraga Simmons. During the second Intifada, Simmon’s organisation, Honest Reporting, even managed to bring the king of cable TV news, CNN, to its knees over its abysmally perverted reporting. Read the downright infuriating account in David & Goliath, a must-have resource for anyone working for truth and justice in the Middle East.

Many who take an interest in the conflict around Jerusalem want a current, inside-look at the Israeli and Palestinian societies. Many have tried, and most fail. But Catch the Jew! really puts its finger on the pulse of today’s Israel. In this “literary sensation,” journalist Tuvia Tenenbom—fluent in Hebrew, Arabic, and more—spends six months getting everyone fr0m politicians to prostitutes to bare their souls in this hilarious, irreverent, and heart-rending book. In the process, he uncovers a Western-funded, NGO-activism-war.


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