Horrific Video of Muslim’s Treatment of Jews on Temple Mt

Perhaps no other video to date so clearly shows the problem of the Israeli authorities ignoring this issue and letting it ferment, instead of asserting its sovereignty and upholding human rights on the Temple Mount.

“Over the Passover holiday 2014, Jews were allowed to ascend up to Judaism’s most holy site, the Temple Mount. This horrifying video captures the anti-Semitic violence towards the Jews and their children by the Arab and Muslim people on the Mount.”(Breaking Israel News, April 24, 2014)

It may be hard for Westerners to understand the gravity of the verbal abuse and hate being hurled at this Jewish family for visiting the holiest site in Judaism. It is common that stones get hurled at non-Muslim visitors. Who knows what would have happened i a handful of Israeli police were not there?

Yet, for visiting foreign dignitaries, Israel is able to secure calm on the Mount.

Classmates of Terror Victims Harassed On the Temple Mt

Boys praying for the safe return of three kidnapped teens before the discovery of their murders suffered anti-Semitism and abuse at the Temple Mount.

The Haliba movement for Jewish freedom on the Temple Mount classmates of Naftali Frankel and Gilad Sha’ar – to the Mount last week, before the discovery of the dead bodies, to pray for them. The three boys were kidnapped by Hamas terrorists and murdered on June 12.

Most of their prayers, however, had to be offered outside the gates, as authorities upheld the so called status quo, which precludes Jews from moving their lips or bowing down in prayer on the Mount.

The coordinator of the visit said the boys were, “deeply pained with worry for their classmates, underwent further grief at the Temple Mount.” They were delayed for over an hour at the entrance and, once there, experienced extreme verbal harassment by Muslims.

These boys “made a clear statement by choosing, with the explicit approval of the head of their yeshiva [the principle of their school], to offer their prayers for [their] classmates on the Temple Mount,” Haliba stated.

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Discrimination at Temple Mount Reaches Classmates of Terror Victims, Written by: United with Israel Staff, July 3, 2014. Photo from United with Israel.


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