IDF’s chief rabbi: Temple Mount is of no religious significance to Islam

IDF Chief Rabbi Rafi Peretz Photo by Olivier Fitoussi.

The IDF’s chief rabbi, Brig.-Gen. Rafi Peretz, was recorded speaking strongly against members of the Muslim faith who pray at the Temple Mount. In a transcript of a religious lecture uploaded to the website Kippa, at Mechina Atzmona, Peretz is quoted as answering student questions regarding the significance of the Temple Mount in Islam. Channel 10 later aired a recording of the lecture.

“Jerusalem is not mentioned in the Koran even once,” Peretz said. “Not at all. Not even once. You know what? It’s not even hinted at. You know what? 90% of Arabs don’t know what’s written in the Koran. I’m telling you this–we know a lot better than them,” he added.

Addressing Al-Aksa, the chief rabbi can be heard asking, “What are they doing at the Temple Mount? [if the Muslims] bow down to Mecca in prayer, while their behinds are turned to the Temple Mount.”

Peretz’s speech lasted around an hour. The lecture was not given while the rabbi donned his IDF uniform.

The Brig.-Gen. released a statement through the IDF’s Spokesperson Office asking to clarify that his words were taken out of context and “do not reflect the views of the IDF’s chief rabbi.” The IDF message conveyed that “the Rabbi apologizes if his words offended the Arab population.”

Police Chief Calls to Stop Israeli Politicians From Visiting Mt Zion

Israel’s Chief of Police calls to stop Israeli politicians from visiting Mt Zion in order to appease Muslim extremists. (When has such a policy of appeasement ever worked?). The Attorney General has not agreed with his recommendation.

Despite the brave service of many police officers, it is the police who are in practical terms responsible for the terrible “status quo” situation on the Temple Mount.

The State of Israel has an obligation to uphold international human rights on the Temple Mount according to UDHR, Article 18. This includes the right of non-Muslims to pray on the Mount. Numerous Israeli supreme court rulings confirm this.

Critics say, “Our police chief must ensure the safety of all citizens anywhere in Israel, including the Temple Mount.” They demanded Netanyahu appoint a new Police Chief.

Source: Shay Belalo,, 14-11-26,  photo credit: Yonatan Sindel/Flash90.

Temple Mount: Common ground between Jews and Christians

“Temple Denial, is also denial of the Gospels,” says former Israeli Ambassador to the US Michael Oren.

Although the current Temple Mount debate focuses on Jewish and Muslim worship, the holy site also has religious significance to Christians. Who practices their religion on the Temple Mount is a very different question to who can stake religious claim to the holy site.
Last week Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met with Jordan’s King Abdullah and US Secretary of State John Kerry to discuss the recent incidents of terror provoked by  the Temple Mount debate.
“Following Thursday’s talks” Jordanian Foreign Minister Nasser Judeh told reporters, “firm commitments were made to maintain the decades-old status quo that allows only Muslims to pray at Al-Aqsa.”

For Christians, as for Jews, the “status quo” which forbids them to pray on the Temple Mount, is rooted in the notion that no Jewish Temple ever existed on the Temple Mount in the first place.

In 2000, during the controversial Camp David Accords, late Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat declared that there never was a Jewish Temple on the Temple Mount. Since then, Islamists have declared that the Jewish people have no claim to the Temple Mount or Israel at all.

Meanwhile, although Christians are inclined to keep a low profile on the Temple Mount, they visit frequently. Christians arrive to the Temple with Bibles tucked into backpacks, only to have the holy book confiscated at the checkpoint. Countless other believers have been expelled when the slightest gesture indicated reverence or veneration.

Well before Muhammad was born, Christians actively prayed and worshiped on the Temple Mount. In the early 6th Century, a Byzantine basilica was built where the Al-Aqsa Mosque is situated today. This is documented not only by Christian historians, but also by modern archeologists.

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Netanyahu says Israel is ‘in the midst of battle for Jerusalem’


Policeman critically wounded in Jerusalem terror attack succumbs to injuries, bringing death toll to five.

Five Jewish worshipers were killed and eight were wounded during morning prayers Tuesday in a terror attack at a synagogue in west Jerusalem.

Two Palestinians from the Arab neighborhood of Jabel al-Mukaber, east Jerusalem, entered a synagogue in the religious Har Nof neighborhood during morning prayers, went from room to room attacking the worshipers with guns, knives and axes. The terrorists were shot dead by two traffic policemen, who arrived first to the scene.

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine took responsibility for the attack.


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Netanyahu: Abbas is the One Changing Status Quo on Temple Mount


Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu charged Palestinian Authority chief Mahmoud Abbas Tuesday with changing the status quo on the Temple Mount by opposing Jews’ right to enter it, and said that “the ancient City of David, like the Land of Israel, is simply erased by the Palestinians from their history books.”

Israel National News

Poll: 40% of Jewish Israelis Want Jewish Prayer on Temple Mount


Almost 40% of the Jewish population in Israel believes in changing government policy surrounding Jewish prayer on the Temple Mount – even at the cost of bloodshed, according to a survey by the “Peace Index” published Monday by the Guttman Center at the Israel Democracy Institute and the Evens Program for Solution Conflict Resolution at Tel Aviv University.

Despite this, 56% of respondents still believe in restricting Jews from praying on the Mount to “prevent friction with the Muslim world.”

The survey follows Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu declaration recently that his intention is to maintain the “status quo” at the site, whereby Jews are forbidden to pray as a response to Muslim pressure – despite round after round of Arab rioting.

Israel National News

Knesset Chair Visits Glick: ‘Free Prayer on Temple Mount’

The terror must be stopped, emphasized Edelstein, adding “we have to allow free prayer for all religions on the Temple Mount.”

Glick has championed the push for Jewish prayer rights on the Temple Mount, the holiest site in Judaism, and sought to fight the discriminatory practices of the Jordanian Waqf (Islamic trust) that has remained in de facto control of the site and forbidden Jewish prayer.

Israel National News


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