How Important Is God’s Temple Mount?

As the prophet Ezekiel already shows, it was always in the purpose and heart of God when He said that He would one day bring His people back from all the countries where they had been scattered – that they would come back to His and their land “to serve Him on His holy mountain” in Jerusalem. This is how Ezekiel, centuries before the return to their land, prophesied this: Read more

Danino: Temple Mount an ‘Existential Threat to Israel’

Police Chief calls visits to the holiest site in Judaism ‘dangerous as Iranian nuclear weapons,’ over threat to discriminatory status quo.

Police Chief Yohanan Danino on Wednesday slammed what he called “a threat to the continued existence of Israel” – no, he wasn’t talking about Arab terrorism, but rather the Temple Mount, the holiest site in Judaism.  Read more

The Temple Mount belongs to the Jewish people‏

Shavua tov- let us hope and pray that it truly will be one. Following the reports regarding the security situation in Israel and the sad reality of our governments not protecting our basic rights as Jews to pray in the most Holy sites of our heritage I can only presume that the violence will not only continue but the appetite to murder Jews will grow.

All of us who are realists know that what the Prime Minister refers to as “status quo” will never appease our enemies and on the contrary if finally it was declared openly that the Temple Mount is the site of the Holy Temples of the Jewish Nation and that it is expected for Jews to be able to freely go up and pray our enemies would realize that Jerusalem, and indeed the Land of Israel is never going to be handed over to the Moslem world.  Read more

We have returned to the Temple Mount: A survey of Jewish Presence on the Jerusalem Temple Mount from the Destruction of the Second Temple (70 CE) until the Six Day War (1967)

Early in the morning of June 7, 1967 Israeli paratroopers entered Jerusalem’s Old City through the Lion’s Gate, the easternmost entrance to the city, and made their way to the Temple Mount. General Motta Gur (1930 – 1995), the commanding general of the paratrooper brigade was not far behind the lead tank. When he reached the Temple Mount he radioed to the General Command: “The Temple Mount is in our hands.” Later in the day he said to his troops, “For some two thousand years the Temple Mount was forbidden to the Jews. Until you came… and returned it to the bosom of the nation.”

What is the Temple Mount? Why is it important? What connection, if any, do Jews have with it? And was the Temple Mount really forbidden to Jews for two thousand years?  Read more

The Day Jews Prayed in a Minyan on the Temple Mount

A minyan on the Temple Mount, circa 1980.

“They motioned to the guards not to take them away until they finished the ‘silent Amidah’ prayer.”

The issue of whether or not to allow Jews to pray on the Temple Mount is bound to come up for heated discussion before the elections March 17, but a rarely shown photograph proves that Jews once managed to pray there with a minyan, the minimum of 10 men needed for public prayer.  Read more


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