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On October 1, Christians from all over the world gathered in Jerusalem during the Sukkot festival for a special prayer event for Jewish sovereignty and freedom on the Temple Mount. They came from a stunning array of countries, including Canada, Congo, Finland, Holland, India, Iraq, Norway, Poland, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United States.

Participants gathered at the Goldman Promenade, next to the UN headquarters and overlooking the Temple Mount. 300 international supporters came to show unity with the Jewish people and to pray for peace and justice on the holiest place in the world, the Temple Mount. The event made history. This is the first time in nearly 2,000 years that Christians have ever publicly supported Jewish prayer on the Temple Mount in such a way. Tragically, in the 4-5th centuries, the Christian community of Jerusalem was praying against, and even rioting against, Jewish access to the Mount!  Read more

Dr Ritmeyer Interview: What Is the Archeological Evidence on the Temple Mount?

There has been a bit of a buzz in some pop-culture circles this year regarding where the ancient, Holy Temples stood. Do we really know if they stood on the Temple Mount? How? What does the archeology say? Was there no stone left upon another? Is there any evidence left at all?

Hear from one of the foremost archeological authorities in the world on this topic, Dr. Leen Ritmeyer, as well as some comments form the Temple Institute.

Welcome to a discussion about the archeology of the Temple Mount!


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Police Chief Calls to Stop Israeli Politicians From Visiting Mt Zion

Israel’s Chief of Police calls to stop Israeli politicians from visiting Mt Zion in order to appease Muslim extremists. (When has such a policy of appeasement ever worked?). The Attorney General has not agreed with his recommendation.

Despite the brave service of many police officers, it is the police who are in practical terms responsible for the terrible “status quo” situation on the Temple Mount.

The State of Israel has an obligation to uphold international human rights on the Temple Mount according to UDHR, Article 18. This includes the right of non-Muslims to pray on the Mount. Numerous Israeli supreme court rulings confirm this.

Critics say, “Our police chief must ensure the safety of all citizens anywhere in Israel, including the Temple Mount.” They demanded Netanyahu appoint a new Police Chief.

Source: Shay Belalo,, 14-11-26,  photo credit: Yonatan Sindel/Flash90.

“Will you murder and also inherit?” (1 Kings 21:19)

“Jewish visitors to the Temple Mount are all too familiar with the ‘welcoming committee’ that greets them every time they ascend to the holy site: groups of hostile Muslim men and women who taunt them, verbally abuse them, and in a pattern that has become all too frequent, they stalk, push, and at times physically attack the Jews. Police do not stop the actions of these agitators, and when the threats of violence turn dangerous, the police simply revert to the policy of punishing the victims, and close the site to Jews. The Muslim antagonists are rarely arrested or even detained.

Several months ago it was revealed that these groups are actually on salary. They are paid to harass Jews with funds that are provided by Hamas and channeled through Sheikh Raed Salah’s Islamic Resistance Movement’s northern branch.

“As if these antics, and the irony of these Hamas-funded squads lying in wait to attack Jews in Judaism’s holiest site was not enough, the Israeli press reported that Jewish visitors to the Temple Mount were shocked recently to discover that the chairs upon which these groups sit are actually stolen from the Western Wall… where they had been donated in memory of victims of Palestinian terror.  


“The photograph accompanying this article displays one such chair, with the donation sticker, commemorating two individuals who were murdered in a terror attack, clearly legible. It reads:

“Donated for the elevation of the souls of Rabbi Dr. David Yaakov HaLevi Applebaum and his daughter Nava, who were murdered in Jerusalem on 13 Elul, 5763 (Sep. 9 2003).”

Read more on Israel National News“Will you murder and also inherit?” Rabbi Chaim Richman, 8/7/2014, photos: ibid.

Horrific Video of Muslim’s Treatment of Jews on Temple Mt

Perhaps no other video to date so clearly shows the problem of the Israeli authorities ignoring this issue and letting it ferment, instead of asserting its sovereignty and upholding human rights on the Temple Mount.

“Over the Passover holiday 2014, Jews were allowed to ascend up to Judaism’s most holy site, the Temple Mount. This horrifying video captures the anti-Semitic violence towards the Jews and their children by the Arab and Muslim people on the Mount.”(Breaking Israel News, April 24, 2014)

It may be hard for Westerners to understand the gravity of the verbal abuse and hate being hurled at this Jewish family for visiting the holiest site in Judaism. It is common that stones get hurled at non-Muslim visitors. Who knows what would have happened i a handful of Israeli police were not there?

Yet, for visiting foreign dignitaries, Israel is able to secure calm on the Mount.

Classmates of Terror Victims Harassed On the Temple Mt

Boys praying for the safe return of three kidnapped teens before the discovery of their murders suffered anti-Semitism and abuse at the Temple Mount.

The Haliba movement for Jewish freedom on the Temple Mount classmates of Naftali Frankel and Gilad Sha’ar – to the Mount last week, before the discovery of the dead bodies, to pray for them. The three boys were kidnapped by Hamas terrorists and murdered on June 12.

Most of their prayers, however, had to be offered outside the gates, as authorities upheld the so called status quo, which precludes Jews from moving their lips or bowing down in prayer on the Mount.

The coordinator of the visit said the boys were, “deeply pained with worry for their classmates, underwent further grief at the Temple Mount.” They were delayed for over an hour at the entrance and, once there, experienced extreme verbal harassment by Muslims.

These boys “made a clear statement by choosing, with the explicit approval of the head of their yeshiva [the principle of their school], to offer their prayers for [their] classmates on the Temple Mount,” Haliba stated.

Read more from United with Israel.

Discrimination at Temple Mount Reaches Classmates of Terror Victims, Written by: United with Israel Staff, July 3, 2014. Photo from United with Israel.

Secular Israeli Citizens Growing Concern Over Mt Zion

“A growing number of secular Israeli university students are embracing Jewish rights to the Temple Mount, following months of violence against Jewish visitors and tourists at the holy site and a growing Hamas presence.

During the Jewish holiday of Passover, the Temple Mount remained closed to both Jewish visitors and tourists as Arab rioters threw stones and flares at security officers from within the Al-Aqsa mosque on April 20. The violent rioting also forced an American rabbi to flee the mount with his family within two minutes of ascending when the site had briefly opened. …” Read more at Breaking Israel News

Secular student who visited the the site says,

“My first visit was humiliating – I was cursed at in Arabic, rocks were thrown at me, just because I am Jewish,” he said. “I have every right to be at the Temple Mount and not feel threatened. …

“It is ridiculous that in the middle of our country’s capital, we have no control or authority over what goes on at a Jewish holy site. This has to change.”

“Secular Israeli Students Embracing Temple Mount” By Anav Silverman May 14, 2014 , 11:58 am. (Photo: Courtesy. See source).

Arab Knesset Members Declare Temple Mount for Muslims Only

“The Arab Raam-Taal party in the Knesset held a meeting on Monday with all its members…At the conclusion of the meeting, an announcement summarizing the contents was distributed in Arabic to the media, and included several important points.

The first statement declared that Jews have no right to enter the Al-Aqsa Mosque, namely the Temple Mount – the holiest site in Judaism.

“The blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque is the holy property of the Muslims only,” wrote the Arab MKs, who added that they oppose propositions in the Knesset to divide the site between Jews and Muslims by setting areas and times for each group’s usage.”

Israel National News. Arab MKs Declare ‘Temple Mount for Muslims Only.’ By Dalit Halevy, Ari Yashar. First Publish: 6/26/2014, 5:31 PM. Photo: Knesset Member Ahmad Tibi (Raam Taal party) Uri Lenz/FLASH90.


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