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The Beginnings of the State of Israel in 1920 – by Luke Hilton

Have you ever heard of the San Remo conference? If you have, do you know much about it? I know I didn’t. 

Saturday, April 25th, 2020 marks a very special date. It is the 100th anniversary of the San Remo conference and subsequent resolution. On this day, after great deliberation, the Supreme Council of the Allied Powers adopted a 500-word resolution which would change the political landscape of the Middle East forever. They mandated that a piece of territory should be established as a homeland for the Jews in a small area called Palestine. 

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Cry For Zion in the News!

Leftist pundit DAILY BEAST profiles #CryForZion in extensive reportage. while admirably trying to go in-depth, the DAILY BEAST manages to miss central issues of who is being abused on the #TempleMount, who is doing the discriminating, and why. The article is better than might be expected. It is good that Temple Mount awareness continues to grow. But the article’s editorial worldview is clearly aimed at feeding the worst fears of a leftist readership obsessed with all things Trump and prejudiced caricatures of conservative Christians.

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The Temple vs. the Antonia (Ep 2) | Joseph Good | Temple Mount Report

With Christian Temple Mount specialist Joseph Good, we continue exposing the dangers of the hoax that the Temple was in the City of David and we dive deep into the archeology of Jerusalem. Joseph Good has dedicated over 35 years to the study of the Temple Mount from Christian, Jewish, and archeological sources. He is a leading Christian voice on all Temple related topics. “Temple Mount Report,” with hosts Doron Keidar and John Enarson, promises to be a valuable source of research, facts, up-to-date archeological discoveries – helping you sort through all the rumors and fads that are flooding the internet concerning the Temple Mount. Filmed on location in Jerusalem, it invites you to take a closer look at the holiest place on earth.

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A Nation that Cries and Fasts for their Land and Temple

The following story is told of the great French leader, Napoleon Bonaparte. He once was traveling through a small Jewish town in Europe. He entered a synagogue. There he saw an incredible sight. Men and women weeping. They were sitting on the floor on small stools holding candles while reading from books. The synagogue had an elaborate chandelier but only a few candles were lit. If not for the small candle lights the magnificent synagogue would have been in complete darkness. It was a gloomy and sad sight to behold. Read more

Labor and Likud MKs jointly push new bill for Jewish Prayer on Temple Mount

In an exciting development, Ynet News reported that: “Labor and Likud MKs have joined forces on a new bill that proposes to allow Jews to pray at the Temple Mount compound – for the first time since the destruction of the Second Temple, as Jews are currently barred from praying at the site.


“MK Miri Regev (Likud) and MK Hilik Bar (Labor) are expected to introduce the bill for discussion in the Knesset. It aims to extend freedom of worship on the Temple Mount to the level allowed in Hebron’s Cave of the Patriarchs, where Jews and Muslims share the holy site.  Read more

Temple Mount Report, The Temple Mount Myth (Ep 1)

Busting modern myths about the Temple Mount – Setting the facts straight concerning the much contested topic of the location of the Temples. This first season of the Temple Mount Report with Doron Keidar and John Enarson promises to be a valuable source of research, facts, up-to-date archeological discoveries – helping you sort through all the rumors and fads that are flooding the internet concerning the Temple Mount today. Filmed on location in Jerusalem, it invites you to take a closer look at the holiest place on earth.

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