February 15, 2019 Doron

Cry For Zion in the News!

Leftist pundit DAILY BEAST profiles #CryForZion in extensive reportage. while admirably trying to go in-depth, the DAILY BEAST manages to miss central issues of who is being abused on the #TempleMount, who is doing the discriminating, and why. The article is better than might be expected. It is good that Temple Mount awareness continues to grow. But the article’s editorial worldview is clearly aimed at feeding the worst fears of a leftist readership obsessed with all things Trump and prejudiced caricatures of conservative Christians.

Aside from the editorial spin, one serious, factual error is citing the debunked media favorite that “the bloody Second Intifada was sparked when Ariel Sharon, then leader of the Israeli opposition in the Knesset, took a provocative walk on the platform in 2000.” We know form Sheikh Hassan Yousef’s son, and other comments on record from Palestinian insiders, that the Intifada was decided upon already in connection with Arafat’s failure at the Camp David talks. It was clearly staged, not spontaneously sparked. Sharon’s visit to the Mount was a convenient excuse at the time. Sharon’s visit itself was in actuality a bid to voters that he would take seriously the Islamic Waqf’s illegal destruction of antiquities on the Temple Mount, one of the archeological tragedies of our time. Sadly, Israeli authorities were shamefully complicit in the Waqf’s crimes because of the same fears that often drive a policy of appeasement on the Mount today.

The reason for the fear, which the article so carefully tiptoes around, is the elephant in the room: jihadist threats, intimidation, illegal hate-preaching, violence, terrorism, bigotry, and intolerance. That is the reality which does not fit into the DAILY BEAST editorial worldview.

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