Rabbi Yehuda Glick’s Miraculous Survival, One-Year Celebration

Doron Keidar reporting from the Menachem Begin Heritage Center of the one year celebration of the attempted assassination of Rabbi Yehuda Glick who is one of the leading Temple Mount activist and has become an icon in Israel on Temple Mount advocacy since his attempted assassination last year.

In celebration of his recovery, Mr. Glick invited many to come and celebrate what God did in allowing him to live against all odds. The head of the department that took care of Mr. Glick informed the audience of the miracle of Rabbi Glicks recovery. Mr. even showed one of the doctors in his staff who was an atheist the ex-rays of Mr. Glicks injuries and he said, “I will go up to the Temple Mount now this is impossible”. The night was full of celebrations and a short documentary titled “A hug from heaven” telling the story of the Glick families last year of fighting for Yehuda’s life and how the Almighty helped them along the way. Of the many who attended the evening a large group from HaYovel arrived with about 150 volunteers from around the world to support Yehuda Glick and his fight for a House of prayer for all nations as is prophesied by the prophets in the Bible.

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