Labor and Likud MKs jointly push new bill for Jewish Prayer on Temple Mount

In an exciting development, Ynet News reported that: “Labor and Likud MKs have joined forces on a new bill that proposes to allow Jews to pray at the Temple Mount compound – for the first time since the destruction of the Second Temple, as Jews are currently barred from praying at the site.


“MK Miri Regev (Likud) and MK Hilik Bar (Labor) are expected to introduce the bill for discussion in the Knesset. It aims to extend freedom of worship on the Temple Mount to the level allowed in Hebron’s Cave of the Patriarchs, where Jews and Muslims share the holy site.  Read more

Israel’s Third Revolution: Rebuilding the Ancient Temple


When my late father would hum to to himself, “may the Temple be rebuilt in our time”, he was not thinking of a political plan or a potential ideological agenda, only of an ancient Jewish soul music song.

He could not have imagined Naftali Bennett, Yehuda Glick or Moshe Feigllin as icons of the neo-Jew. He could not have imagined the idea being promoted by these three to rebuild the ancient Jewish Temple as concrete and viable plans; for my father, the Temple was an eternal yearning. This is the real gap between the Israeli generations: Grandpa and grandma did not conceive of an independent state, mother and father did not conceive of the Temple, and the grandsons are already conversing with the Messiah. Two generations read Israel’s future – our present – completely wrong. Those generations are gone now, but the Temple has been resurrected and turned into a political work plan. It is a huge and inspired idea that has naturally replaced the old, worn down content. Once we used to talk about the resurrection of the Hebrew language, the redemption of the land and of man, of nationality, of multi-culturalism, a melting pot. Today we talk about the Temple. Not all of us, but it is only a question of time.

We are nearing a third Israeli revolution. The first lasted from 1948 to 1977. It inspired the founders of the state to lay down the foundations for a secular and socialist state. Their energy lasted 29 years. In 1977, they were deposed and replaced by the second Israeli revolution. This one turned Israel into a religious, nationalistic and capitalistic society and state. On Israel’s 70th anniversary, in 2018, the second Israel will celebrate nearly four decades. Apparently this revolution has run its course, as well.

Out of the ruins of the two, a third revolution is emerging. The idea at the heart of the first revolution was the state, the second’s was territory – a greater Israel comprising the land on both sides of the Jordan River. And the third revolution is motivated by an idea, which overshadows all the rest – the Temple.

From the West and from Tel Aviv, this idea seems remote and surreal, but in Jerusalem and the occupied territories it is a practical, political plan. Institutions, seminars, pilgrimages and known personas have turned this primordial yearning into a hands-on policy. I would not be surprised if a majority among the Likud party’s elected bodies support the Temple Mount Faithful.

The secular, veteran elite, the one that lived by Ze’ev Jabotinsky’s creed, the ruling party’s elite, no longer exists. Rivlin is up, while the more moderate and liberal Likud veterans – the “Meridor”s and “Begin”s – are down and [Benjamin] Netanyahu is only a flimsy facade, a worn mask of one-time glory. As long as the idea of the Temple and its resurrection was kept behind a political and rabbinical lock and a key, Israel was a sort of secular state. The moment the gatekeepers failed and the prison was broken into, the Temple and its demons escaped and there is no one to stop them.

The reasons for the growing popularity of the Temple idea are varied. First and foremost, God has been awakened. Then came state funding funneled to institutions and Jewish seminars which have been cultivating the Temple idea for decade, funding that changed the character of Israeli democracy. The ideologies were always there but this old-new idea has been imbued with a sense of urgency, a real sense of the end of days, according to which any clash of civilizations (even between Christianity and a Muslim Caliphate) is meant only to enable the resurrection and rebuilding of the Jewish God’s kingdom.

Several Jewish attempts to blow up the Temple Mount’s mosques have been exposed in the past. They were all foiled, but the motivation has not disappeared. On the other hand, despite all of the placating words spoken by Yehuda Glick and his foolish disciples, it is not likely they will ever succeed in enlisting supporters who are not violent and do not crave to destroy the mosques. Their supporters are encouraged by the fact that the issue, which was once on the farthest national and spiritual sidelines, has been turned into a focal point of rightist ideas. Israel has already been conquered by these idea, and in order to prevent any appeals against this conquest, they now want to re-liberate the Temple Mount and the holy goal justifies the means.

I think that this issue has become the deepest and most essential issue of Israeli politics. It has become the test which defines the political camps in Israel. Who is in favor of a Temple? Turn right. Who is in favor of rehabilitating Israel as a secular and democratic state? Turn left.

Sadly, the Israeli left is lacking a leadership that can handle such a confrontation. Such leadership could have had a chance of turning this current madness into a winning political force. The separation of state and religion, keeping agitators away from the Temple Mount and bringing down the pyromaniacs. The answer to slogans like “the left will divide Jerusalem” is “the Likud is building the Temple.” The answer to “the left will return everything” is “the right blows up mosques.” The response to “Security is Bibi’s strength” must be “Netanyahu is responsible for the Third World War, the War of Religion.” Above all should hover the understanding that “the right is the Temple, it is the Jewish Daesh” (Islamic State).

Parts of the Muslim world want to go back to the seventh century and the mythological Caliphate. Some Jews want to go back even farther, to 70 AD, to the day before the destruction of the Temple on the 9th of the Jewish month of Av. The only way to fight them is in the present, in the year 2014 AD. For that there is still a majority in Israel, in Palestine and in the Middle East.

Avraham (Avrum) Burg served as Speaker of the 15th Knesset and Chairman of the Jewish Agency. He is a writer and Senior Fellow of the Bruno Kreisky Forum for International Dialogue, Vienna.

Go to i24 News for full article.

Police Chief Calls to Stop Israeli Politicians From Visiting Mt Zion

Israel’s Chief of Police calls to stop Israeli politicians from visiting Mt Zion in order to appease Muslim extremists. (When has such a policy of appeasement ever worked?). The Attorney General has not agreed with his recommendation.

Despite the brave service of many police officers, it is the police who are in practical terms responsible for the terrible “status quo” situation on the Temple Mount.

The State of Israel has an obligation to uphold international human rights on the Temple Mount according to UDHR, Article 18. This includes the right of non-Muslims to pray on the Mount. Numerous Israeli supreme court rulings confirm this.

Critics say, “Our police chief must ensure the safety of all citizens anywhere in Israel, including the Temple Mount.” They demanded Netanyahu appoint a new Police Chief.

Source: Shay Belalo,, 14-11-26,  photo credit: Yonatan Sindel/Flash90.

Poll: 40% of Jewish Israelis Want Jewish Prayer on Temple Mount


Almost 40% of the Jewish population in Israel believes in changing government policy surrounding Jewish prayer on the Temple Mount – even at the cost of bloodshed, according to a survey by the “Peace Index” published Monday by the Guttman Center at the Israel Democracy Institute and the Evens Program for Solution Conflict Resolution at Tel Aviv University.

Despite this, 56% of respondents still believe in restricting Jews from praying on the Mount to “prevent friction with the Muslim world.”

The survey follows Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu declaration recently that his intention is to maintain the “status quo” at the site, whereby Jews are forbidden to pray as a response to Muslim pressure – despite round after round of Arab rioting.

Israel National News

Knesset Chair Visits Glick: ‘Free Prayer on Temple Mount’

The terror must be stopped, emphasized Edelstein, adding “we have to allow free prayer for all religions on the Temple Mount.”

Glick has championed the push for Jewish prayer rights on the Temple Mount, the holiest site in Judaism, and sought to fight the discriminatory practices of the Jordanian Waqf (Islamic trust) that has remained in de facto control of the site and forbidden Jewish prayer.

Israel National News

Muslim Rioters on the Temple Mount

With the opening of the Temple Mount to visitors on Wednesday morning, dozens of masked Palestinians threw rocks and shot fireworks towards the police forces stationed in the Mughrabi Gate area, lightly injuring three officers.

Mughrabi Gate is the entrance to the Temple Mount area from the Western Wall plaza.

The police entered the Temple Mount compound following the outburst of violence and chased the rioters who ran inside the al-Aqsa mosque.

Police said that the rioters had placed, in advance of the disturbance, objects to obstruct the police at the mosque and poured flammable material on the objects.The rioters began throwing bricks and rocks at the police officers from inside the mosque. They also shot fireworks at the police from inside the mosque and sprayed an unidentified substance that caused difficulty in breathing. A firebomb thrown from inside the mosque shattered but did not ignite, police said.

Hamas Openly States Jerusalem Ultimate Goal

(photo credit: Yonatan Sindel/Flash90)(photo credit: Yonatan Sindel/Flash90)

“Hamas’s true objective in Operation Protective Edge – and negotiations that may follow – is in “liberating” Jerusalem from the Jews,a Hamas spokesman stated earlier this week.”

“The time has come for us to say that the true war is not aimed at opening border crossings,” Sami Abu Zuhri said. “Our true war is aimed at the liberation of Jerusalem, Allah willing.” His words were translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute, or MEMRI.

“He then chanted “Khaybar, Khaybar al Yahood,” an Arabic phrase meaning that Allah will return to expel (or kill) the Jews. Khaybar was a Jewish village north of Medina, Saudi Arabia, which was conquered by Islamists in 629 CE. Crowds waving Hamas flags cheered him on.” (Tova Dvorin, Israel National News)

Here Hamas comes out with their true objective which is to conquer Jerusalem. This has allays been the main objection of the Palestinian effort to remove Jewish presents from the Land of Israel. The “freedom fighters” battle has not been about land or occupation but rather anti-Jewish and mostly anti-Zionist. I can recall every Palestinian home that I’ve been in always has a picture of the Dome of the Rock and propaganda slogans like “Al-Quds”, which is to say “we have our sights on Jerusalem”. You even have an Al-Quds University that promotes anti-Semitic education to it’s students right in Jerusalem. Here is an excerpt of one of the type of demonstrations that take place at the university:

“”The Nov. 5 demonstration on the Al-Quds campus involved demonstrators wearing black military gear, armed with fake automatic weapons, and who marched while waving flags and raising the traditional Nazi salute. The demonstration took place in the main square of the Al-Quds campus, which was surrounded by banners depicting images of “martyred” suicide bombers.” (Brandeis Uneversity Website)

The fight is for Jerusalem and the means is through terrorism, ironically the Qur’an has no mention of Jerusalem as a holy place for Islam yet for the Jewish people both historically and spiritually this is the most holy place on earth and that is a fact.

At the end of the day we need to decide if we will let the Hamas and friends bully us off of our most holy place on earth or will we stand up and declare that we are not afraid to say Jerusalem is the Jewish capital and in the heart of the capital is our most holy place on earth The Temple Mount and we are not willing to give it up to a bunch of bullies that are trying to dominate the neighborhood.



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