Why does the Mufti lie?

Brian Schrauger from Bridges For Peace News has written an important article regarding the current situation on the Temple Mount (ed. note).

Monday, 26 October 2015. The foremost legal scholar of Islam in Jerusalem is the Grand Mufti, Muhammad Hussein. He recently asserted that the first man, Adam, perhaps with the help of angels, built today’s Dome of the Rock, the 1,300-year-old Islamic shrine that sits atop the Temple Mount in Jerusalem’s Old City. Accordingly, he said, the site has been an Islamic mosque “3,000 years ago and 30,000 years ago.”  Read more

Jewish History on the Temple Mount: Did Jews Abandon It?

One of the most common misconceptions is that Jews abandoned the Temple Mount after the destruction of the second Temple by the hands of the Romans in 70 CE, which is absolutely wrong. I used to believe this myth myself.

As I have studied the actual history of the Temple Mount and what happened to the Jewish presence and prayer on the Mount after the destruction of the second Temple, I was surprised to discover that we have had a continual Jewish presence on the Mount, as well as on the Mt. of Olives east of Mt. Zion facing the Holy Temple.

I also discovered another important and surprising fact. It was Christians that often made sure to prevent Jews from returning to the Temple Mount, rebuilding the Third Temple, or even praying on the place on which both Temples stood!  Read more

Poll: 40% of Jewish Israelis Want Jewish Prayer on Temple Mount


Almost 40% of the Jewish population in Israel believes in changing government policy surrounding Jewish prayer on the Temple Mount – even at the cost of bloodshed, according to a survey by the “Peace Index” published Monday by the Guttman Center at the Israel Democracy Institute and the Evens Program for Solution Conflict Resolution at Tel Aviv University.

Despite this, 56% of respondents still believe in restricting Jews from praying on the Mount to “prevent friction with the Muslim world.”

The survey follows Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu declaration recently that his intention is to maintain the “status quo” at the site, whereby Jews are forbidden to pray as a response to Muslim pressure – despite round after round of Arab rioting.

Israel National News

Knesset Chair Visits Glick: ‘Free Prayer on Temple Mount’

The terror must be stopped, emphasized Edelstein, adding “we have to allow free prayer for all religions on the Temple Mount.”

Glick has championed the push for Jewish prayer rights on the Temple Mount, the holiest site in Judaism, and sought to fight the discriminatory practices of the Jordanian Waqf (Islamic trust) that has remained in de facto control of the site and forbidden Jewish prayer.

Israel National News

Muslim Rioters on the Temple Mount

With the opening of the Temple Mount to visitors on Wednesday morning, dozens of masked Palestinians threw rocks and shot fireworks towards the police forces stationed in the Mughrabi Gate area, lightly injuring three officers.

Mughrabi Gate is the entrance to the Temple Mount area from the Western Wall plaza.

The police entered the Temple Mount compound following the outburst of violence and chased the rioters who ran inside the al-Aqsa mosque.

Police said that the rioters had placed, in advance of the disturbance, objects to obstruct the police at the mosque and poured flammable material on the objects.The rioters began throwing bricks and rocks at the police officers from inside the mosque. They also shot fireworks at the police from inside the mosque and sprayed an unidentified substance that caused difficulty in breathing. A firebomb thrown from inside the mosque shattered but did not ignite, police said.


Hamas Openly States Jerusalem Ultimate Goal

(photo credit: Yonatan Sindel/Flash90)(photo credit: Yonatan Sindel/Flash90)

“Hamas’s true objective in Operation Protective Edge – and negotiations that may follow – is in “liberating” Jerusalem from the Jews,a Hamas spokesman stated earlier this week.”

“The time has come for us to say that the true war is not aimed at opening border crossings,” Sami Abu Zuhri said. “Our true war is aimed at the liberation of Jerusalem, Allah willing.” His words were translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute, or MEMRI.

“He then chanted “Khaybar, Khaybar al Yahood,” an Arabic phrase meaning that Allah will return to expel (or kill) the Jews. Khaybar was a Jewish village north of Medina, Saudi Arabia, which was conquered by Islamists in 629 CE. Crowds waving Hamas flags cheered him on.” (Tova Dvorin, Israel National News)

Here Hamas comes out with their true objective which is to conquer Jerusalem. This has allays been the main objection of the Palestinian effort to remove Jewish presents from the Land of Israel. The “freedom fighters” battle has not been about land or occupation but rather anti-Jewish and mostly anti-Zionist. I can recall every Palestinian home that I’ve been in always has a picture of the Dome of the Rock and propaganda slogans like “Al-Quds”, which is to say “we have our sights on Jerusalem”. You even have an Al-Quds University that promotes anti-Semitic education to it’s students right in Jerusalem. Here is an excerpt of one of the type of demonstrations that take place at the university:

“”The Nov. 5 demonstration on the Al-Quds campus involved demonstrators wearing black military gear, armed with fake automatic weapons, and who marched while waving flags and raising the traditional Nazi salute. The demonstration took place in the main square of the Al-Quds campus, which was surrounded by banners depicting images of “martyred” suicide bombers.” (Brandeis Uneversity Website)

The fight is for Jerusalem and the means is through terrorism, ironically the Qur’an has no mention of Jerusalem as a holy place for Islam yet for the Jewish people both historically and spiritually this is the most holy place on earth and that is a fact.

At the end of the day we need to decide if we will let the Hamas and friends bully us off of our most holy place on earth or will we stand up and declare that we are not afraid to say Jerusalem is the Jewish capital and in the heart of the capital is our most holy place on earth The Temple Mount and we are not willing to give it up to a bunch of bullies that are trying to dominate the neighborhood.


Israel Channel 2, Third Temple Rebuilt?


Will the Jews be visiting the Temple Mount and pray at a renewed temple? Several Jewish groups have been preparing master plans for the establishment of the structure, which will hold religious ceremonies as in ancient times before the destruction of the 2nd temple.

“Will you murder and also inherit?” (1 Kings 21:19)

“Jewish visitors to the Temple Mount are all too familiar with the ‘welcoming committee’ that greets them every time they ascend to the holy site: groups of hostile Muslim men and women who taunt them, verbally abuse them, and in a pattern that has become all too frequent, they stalk, push, and at times physically attack the Jews. Police do not stop the actions of these agitators, and when the threats of violence turn dangerous, the police simply revert to the policy of punishing the victims, and close the site to Jews. The Muslim antagonists are rarely arrested or even detained.

Several months ago it was revealed that these groups are actually on salary. They are paid to harass Jews with funds that are provided by Hamas and channeled through Sheikh Raed Salah’s Islamic Resistance Movement’s northern branch.

“As if these antics, and the irony of these Hamas-funded squads lying in wait to attack Jews in Judaism’s holiest site was not enough, the Israeli press reported that Jewish visitors to the Temple Mount were shocked recently to discover that the chairs upon which these groups sit are actually stolen from the Western Wall… where they had been donated in memory of victims of Palestinian terror.  


“The photograph accompanying this article displays one such chair, with the donation sticker, commemorating two individuals who were murdered in a terror attack, clearly legible. It reads:

“Donated for the elevation of the souls of Rabbi Dr. David Yaakov HaLevi Applebaum and his daughter Nava, who were murdered in Jerusalem on 13 Elul, 5763 (Sep. 9 2003).”

Read more on Israel National News“Will you murder and also inherit?” Rabbi Chaim Richman, 8/7/2014, photos: ibid.


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