Cry For Zion is a movement of Jews and Christians that supports the Jewish people’s rights to sovereignty over Mt Zion—the Temple Mount—guaranteeing Jewish rights and freedoms on their most holy place.

We seek to accomplish our goal in two main ways: through education and support.


Cry For Zion is a movement that educates about the historic and future importance of Mount Zion—God’s Holy Mountain, where He declared that His name will be forever. We produce professional quality resources to raise awareness worldwide on one of the most important subjects of our time. We create educational films, books, and articles which we spread via social media, interviews, events, and presentations.

The objective of our education is to effect change, dispel misconceptions, and motivate people to take action.


The Cry For Zion movement garners support for Jewish sovereignty on the Temple Mount, taking action through a petition  to put an end to discrimination and the violation of the Human Rights of Jews on their most holy place. You can support the movement in one of several ways:

Thank you for taking the time to read about Cry For Zion. Join the movement and together we can make a difference!

The Cry for Zion Team



Executive Director

Doron Keidar, Cry For Zion Director

Doron Keidar, Cry For Zion Director

Doron Keidar travels the world, speaking about Israel and strengthening support for Israel by giving accurate and timely information, delivered from the perspective of someone who put it all on the line to defend the Jewish state. Fluent in both English and Hebrew, Doron speaks with a disarmingly simple, straightforward manner that captivates and engages audiences of all ages. 

Doron has served in the Israeli Defense Forces in a combat unit since 2003 and serves in the IDF reserves since 2006. Doron has worked in the security sector for over 10 years. He has also worked with the development of new and innovative gear for military, law enforcement and the private security sector, drawing from his hands on experience in the IDF and working with both Israeli and American security professionals.

Today Doron is working with the Cry For Zion initiative, a movement that supports the Jewish people’s rights to sovereignty over Mt Zion—the Temple Mount. Drawing from historic, archaeological and biblical facts, Doron helps his listeners gain a dynamic understanding of the past, present and future of Jerusalem and the Temple Mount.



Christian Relations Director


John comes from a Christian, evangelical background, and was raised in Sweden, the United States, and Israel. John travels extensively in many different Christian, as well as Jewish circles. He is not Jewish, but believes in the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. John currently studies at the Scandinavian School of Theology.

As an educator and creative director, he is passionate about making complex biblical topics and history accessible to regular people. Among his three published books, he is the co-author of a Swedish study-course on the Jewish roots of the Christian faith.

John is currently the Christian Relation Director at Cry For Zion, helping Christians understand their history with the Temple Mount and how it relates to biblical theology and the Jewish people.



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